There are very few houses where you will not find at least a couple of half-filled Shampoo or sampoo (as it is pronounced in many parts of the world šŸ™‚ )  still lying around forgotten or rejected . Generally, the normal shampoo is never harmful even after expiry. An Expired shampoo is just not […]

5 uses of Expired Shampoo you never knew about

Expired milk doesn’t need to be thrown down the drain. In the case of milk, the taste and smell of the expired milk will let you know if it is still fitĀ for consumption or further use. Milk is one of the most consumed food around the world. Strangely enough,Ā it has […]

Expired milk and 5 things you can do with it

At Last a FARCRY version which is playable unlimited!! Not that earlier versions were not interesting, but FARCRY 3 is all in one. What to look for in FARCRY 3 :- 1. Excellent grafix 2. Great missions 3. The Glider :). The view is cool from above and you can […]

FARCRY 3 – At Last playable

The excel camera tool can be used to show the snapshot of a particular section from one sheet in another sheet. It is very useful while showing the important/required portions from various sheets on the dashboard sheet.

Excel Camera tool

How to install different versions of javaĀ OPERA Mini in the same mobile The Problem:- If you have Opera Mini preinstalled in your mobile phone then it is not possible to upgrade. And definitely, it will not be possible to uninstall the older version. Most Chinese phones have OPERA Mini 4.2 […]

Java Opera Mini Second installation in non-android phones

How to get the unique values in MS Excel Or How to get only unique records out of a column or unique values in MS Excel. You can do it by using the filter option in excel. If you are using Excel 2007 then you are rich and lucky!!. In […]

Get Unique values in MS Excel

How to get everything after a character from a cell value. For e.g if we want to get everything after the first occurrence of a character in the value of cell We can use the SEARCH function along with other basic string functions. For example check the following formula…. =RIGHT(B59,LEN(B59)-(SEARCH(".",B59))) […]

Extract everything after a character in MS Excel

How to get filename in excel We may need to get the sheetname or the filename of the current excel worksheet into a cell. It is fairly simple to get it. Use the following formula =CELL("filename",A1) This will give the full file name. Check out the various options of the […]

Get Filename in MS Excel

How to get the various format of a cell address in excel Sometimes we may need to get the address of cell in various formats like “the column no for a cell like 6” or “cell position like $C$6” or “column name like AL” etc All of the above can […]

Get cell address in MS Excel