Expired milk and 5 things you can do with it

Expired milk doesn’t need to be thrown down the drain. In the case of milk, the taste and smell of the expired milk will let you know if it is still fit for consumption or further use.

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Milk is one of the most consumed food around the world. Strangely enough, it has been with mankind since time began.And then came packed milk 😀 and with it came the concept of expiry dates. But if the milk has stayed in a healthy kitchen and in refrigeration than the expiry date can be ignored.

expired milk-glass-healthyIf you have come back from a holiday and found a can full of expired milk in the fridge, there are a few easy alternatives you should consider before thinking of throwing it out.

1. Just ignore that it is Expired Milk !!

If the milk has been stored in a clean and working fridge, then go ahead and use it. If it is pasteurised and doesn’t smell then there is no doubt of its freshness.drinking-hot-milkThe best thing to do would be to heat it up and check if it separates into cheese and water (curdling). If it not then the milk is as good as new.

2. Make Paneer or cottage cheese

If the milk curdles when heated making paneer or cottage cheese out of it is the easiest way to make the best out of the milk. If you are a fan of fresh fruits and crispy leaf salads then a few spoons of cottage cheese is a great addition. If you do not like the raw cheese add a bit of sugar or honey to it.

cottage cheese or paneer from expired milk

And if you have the patience or if the amount of cheese you have salvaged from your expired milk is huge you may want to set it into cubes. The paneer cubes (or cottage cheese) can then be used to make a variety of Indian dishes – the easiest one being roasted paneer or paneer kebab.

indian-kebabs-from-expired milk

3. Set Curd

If the milk has not spoiled or has not curdled yet, but you do not have the appetite to finish it soon, you may want to set it into curd. The simplest process is to add a few spoons of curd into slightly warm milk and set it aside at room temperature.curd set from expired milk

4. Use in bakery or Dough

The most common use of extra milk is into cakes, pastry or cookies. In fact, many a baker deliberately curdle milk to use it in cakes and cookies. Another use would be adding the expired  milk along with water while preparing pizza or chappati dough. It makes the dough soft and easy to roll.expired milk on dough

5. Donate the expired milk to the kitchen garden

If you decide to eventually throw off the expired milk you may want to throw it on your kitchen garden soil. The benefits of milk as a fertiliser is debatable but it is definitely a better option than throwing in down the toilet.expired milk-on-kitchen garden

Few words from kpmdreamz

If  milk is stored in a clean refrigerator and around 4 degrees centigrade then it will stay fresh for many days after the expiry date. And it is very easy to identify if the milk is not to be used from the smell and look of the milk. If the expired milk has been long outside the fridge and near heat or under the sun, it might be full of harmful bacteria. In such a case it is better to throw off the milk to avoid food poisoning. And if you are in any doubt just throw it off.

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