FARCRY 3 – At Last playable

At Last a FARCRY version which is playable unlimited!! Not that earlier versions were not interesting, but FARCRY 3 is all in one.


What to look for in FARCRY 3 :-

1. Excellent grafix
2. Great missions
3. The Glider :). The view is cool from above and you can travel far places quickly.

FARCRY3-glider2 FARCRY3-glider

4. Quick Guns
5. The tiger when it attacks you is breathtaking — Cool.


What can bore you or put you off:-

1.  Repetitive enemy AI.
2. The game is quite easy after some time
3. The best weapon (The bow/arrow) is not easy to master


4. The crocodile will get you, no matter what precautions you take.


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