Java Opera Mini Second installation in non-android phones

How to install different versions of java OPERA Mini in the same mobile

The Problem:-

If you have Opera Mini preinstalled in your mobile phone then it is not possible to upgrade.
And definitely, it will not be possible to uninstall the older version.
Most Chinese phones have OPERA Mini 4.2 preinstalled and it is always a pain to keep using it when you can see the shiny new 5.1 (or later versions) everywhere else.

Well, then how do we do it ?
The solution at the end of all searches seems very simple.

The Solution for java opera mini 2nd installation:-

Option1 :- Remove the older version and install new version
Most likely that you will not be allowed to do it since it is preinstalled

Option2 :- Change the name of the Java Midlet
Change the name of the Java Midlet as follows

Step1 :- Download the latest jar file from the opera site
e.g we got the version opera-mini-5.1.22296-advanced-en
Get java Opera Mini

Step2 :- Extract the .jar file
Use Winrar to extract the jar file.
Else change the extension to .zip and use Winzip to extract it
Extract_the_jar_file java opera mini

Step3 :- Update the MANIFEST.MF file inside the META-INF folder
This a text file and can be edited using any file editor like Notepad
In the file change “MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini” to “MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini 2”
Change java opera mini

Step4 :- If your mobile needs the .jad file as well then change it as well
Open the .jad file using notepad
In the file change “MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini” to “MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini 2”
Change jad file java opera mini

Step5 :- Archive the files back into a .jar file
Use Winrar for the job.
If you are using Winzip then create a zip folder and then change th extension to .jar

Step6 :- Use the recreated .jar file and install.
The phone will detect it as Opera Mini 2 and you are done
Enjoy the latest opera.
Now Enjoy

Note:- If none of the options work.. then check the following before trying again.
1. To be on the safer side make sure that the .jad and .jar file names are same.
Let the names be same as you downloaded.
2. If your phone uses the .jad file it will look out for the .jar file mentioned inside the .jad file. so leave the names as it is and you are safe.
3. Any other problem drop us a note

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