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How to get everything after a character from a cell value. For e.g if we want to get everything after the first occurrence of a character in the value of cell We can use the SEARCH function along with other basic string functions. For example check the following formula…. =RIGHT(B59,LEN(B59)-(SEARCH(".",B59))) […]

Extract everything after a character in MS Excel

How to get filename in excel We may need to get the sheetname or the filename of the current excel worksheet into a cell. It is fairly simple to get it. Use the following formula =CELL("filename",A1) This will give the full file name. Check out the various options of the […]

Get Filename in MS Excel

How to get the various format of a cell address in excel Sometimes we may need to get the address of cell in various formats like “the column no for a cell like 6” or “cell position like $C$6” or “column name like AL” etc All of the above can […]

Get cell address in MS Excel